Check-out These Household Chores That Are Great For Your Daily Workout Routines -

Check-out These Household Chores That Are Great For Your Daily Workout Routines

The on-going lockdown in view of the coronavirus pandemic has tested not just our mental strength but also our physical capabilities. With all the house helps on leave, people are doing everything right from scrubbing, dusting, washing, cleaning to cooking all by themselves.

Looking at the brighter side, a lot of chores which were earlier entrusted to only the women of the house are now being carried out by the men and kids as well. Entire families have come together in dividing and carrying out the household responsibilities.

However, if you are someone who is terribly missing out your regular workouts in the gym, or dying to go back to your aerobics and other classes, then here is some good news for you. The household chores burn out as many calories as you would do in a workout exercise. Let’s have a look:

Mopping and vacuuming

According to research, one can burn over 50,000 calories a month, just by doing household chores. 138 minutes of mopping floors burn 405 calories which are equivalent to doing 340 squat thrusts.

In addition, 132 minutes of vacuuming the house each week burn 387 calories. It will also tone your arms and shoulder muscles.

Laundry and ironing

The entire routine of sorting, loading and unloading the clothes in a washing machine along with ironing the washed lot is a great exercise in itself that could help you burn over 700 calories every week.

Going by figures, ironing burns up to 80 calories an hour, so just do the math for yourself.

Taking the steps instead of lifts

Okay, so while you are exercising social distancing, you still have to use the lift to bring your essentials home. How about taking the steps instead of the lift? This way you can avoid touching the lift buttons as a preventive measure, and burn a lot of calories to get those nice toned legs.

Well, it’s a win-win situation. Carrying the shopping up the stairs can burn up to 440 calories/ hour.

Cleaning the car

With the car cleaner on leave, this is just the time to put on your garage clothes and gloves and set on a car cleaning spree. Start with de-cluttering and then move to deep cleaning.

Remember to use a good sanitiser to disinfect the door handles, stirring wheel and the dashboard. All of this will lead you to burn approximately 300 calories/hour.


Always wanted a beautifully mowed lawn with lovely flowers in it but never found the time? Well, now is the time. Heavy yard work like landscaping, moving rocks, hauling dirt burns 400-600 calories/ hour, while pulling out weeds, planting flowers, etc. burns 200-400 calories an hour.

Mowing the lawn can help lose 250-350 calories an hour.


Dusting is one of the most routine chores that a lot of us do but do you ever realise that an hour of dusting burns 166 calories. Setting a daily goal of calorie burning will keep you motivated, the house sparkling and who knows at the end of the lockdown period you might just get that envious figure as well.

This is the best time to put your gadgets to use. Use your smartphones or fitness bands to monitor the calories burnt by doing household chores. I am sure you will stop hating all the mopping and cleaning and find it a bit less tardy.

Last but not the least, stay home, stay safe and stay fit!

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