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Can Nursing Mother Eat Egusi Soup?

Can nursing mother eat Egusi soup? Many nursing mothers are always in dilemma, trying to find out whether eating Egusi soup is OK or not for them and their baby.

Actually, you spent the last nine months streamlining what you eat and drink in order to ensure that what you put in your stomach does not affect your baby’s development.

Now that you are nursing your baby, you still have to be careful of what you eat.

There are foods that are healthy and good for the body but should be avoided by breastfeeding/nursing mothers.

It’s important also to be knowledgeable about what to eat or not to eat while still nursing because every food that a nursing mom eats goes into her baby’s system.

Eating the wrong foods while breastfeeding can affect the baby negatively; keep the baby awake or uncomfortable when she should be sleeping; give the baby diarrhea, make the baby sick or even harm the baby generally.

While still nursing babies, there are sacrifices to be made to keep the baby healthy. If you eat everything you crave at this time all in the name of “eating for two”, you may be harming the baby while making parenting difficult for yourself too.

However, a breastfeeding mom needs to eat a well nourishing balanced diet. She should only avoid foods and spices that make her baby fussy or show allergic reactions.

Meanwhile, let’s consider the experience a breastfeeding mum shared when asked whether to eat Egusi soup while breastfeeding or not. According to her,

“Yes! DO NOT eat Eba when breastfeeding because it constipates your baby. Trust me, I ignored all the warnings and learned the hard way after I mistakenly ate Eba and Egusi soup a few days after giving birth and my new born who was still pooping meconium (the greenish-blac, tarry, sticky poop that newborns have) about eight times a day didn’t poop for three days straight. That is “learning the hard way!

“Apparently, they are unable to digest Eba properly even after it is broken down into breast milk.

“So if you do not want to cry for three days patiently waiting for my baby to poop like I did, stay away from Eba and stick to eating pounded yam if you must eat swallow.

“Some people stay away until their child is six months old and starts eating solid food but I stayed away for the entire duration of breastfeeding which was for an entire year.

“I wasn’t going to take any chances after what I went through.”

So therefore, if Egusi makes your baby fussy or show allergic reaction, then avoid it but if it does not you can go ahead and have it.

The only thing she needs to clearly avoid is taking un-prescribed medication.

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