Is poor sex drive spoiling you and your partner’s intimate life? Whether it is stress, chronic illness, disinterest, injury, erectile dysfunction hormonal imbalance or just relationship strife, sexual dissatisfaction can bring about additional physical and mental health problems. Hence, low libido, sexual drive and the related problems should be attended to at once.


Essential oils have always been used as a remedy to cleanse your aura, destress, relax you and even vitalize your body by healing you from the inside. They can also help you regain lost energy, solve problems of achieving sexual desire and arousal by treating the root issues which might be causing them (like physical or emotional). They also act as natural aphrodisiacs which stimulate your sexual drive and improve blood flow.

If you want to spice up your sex life or improve your libido, we suggest taking a little help from essential oils in the bedroom. You can use them as sprays, apply them on to your wrists or just place diffusing oils in the room to vibe on their benefits! If you want to make in spice up your sex life or improve your libido, we suggest taking a little help from essential oils in the bedroom.

PATCHOULI: The traditional herb oil has the power of making you more potent, stimulating sexual desire and inducing a calming atmosphere in your intimate moments. Patchouli oil also carries powerful benefits which work towards reducing anxiety and engage your sensual organs.

JASMINE: Jasmine contains strong notes which balance out your emotions, hormonal system, purify the body of toxins and spread pheromones around which make you sexually attractive! It is particularly helpful for women, as jasmine oil has stimulants which boost your mood and energize your endocrine system. All of these work towards bettering your sex drive.

ROSE OIL: Rose is not just for the romantics! In fact, rose oil contains scents which promote blood flow to the reproductive system and also improve your mood and the sensual vibes that guarantee good sex.

YLANG YLANG: Ylang Ylang is one of the most effective aphrodisiacs available which can spice up your sex life! This important herb oil contains wonderful benefits which can help those dealing with impotence or those encountering a low libido. It works on the points around the nervous system, directly giving a boost to the endocrine system.

CLARY SAGE: Clary sage is a very calming herb which can balance the yin and yang and works in balancing hormonal problems and shifts. Since it has a soothing scent, it can also ward off stress that is putting a damper in the bedroom.

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