Can Breastfeeding Mother Eat Eba? -

Can Breastfeeding Mother Eat Eba?

Can breastfeeding mother eat Eba? Actually, pregnancy is a beautiful time of care, control and self discipline. Considering that another beautiful but little human being is depending on you for supplies.

Having in mind that this very being is depending on you to make it to this world is of great importance. However, there are foods to eat during pregnancy and not every food or consumable is safe for a pregnant woman.

During pregnancy, a woman craves or begins to dislike some foods. Some food cravings during pregnancy are not healthy and not good for the unborn child.

Some foods a pregnant woman does not like may be the best for her and her growing baby as well.

Therefore, you should watch what you eat before and after childbirth to avoid some possible reactions your baby might have towards your food intake.

With that said, some nursing moms eat whatever they like without knowing that some strongly flavored foods may change the taste of their milk.

Most babies seem to enjoy a variety of breast milk flavors, generally, the dominant flavors of your diet.

Hence, mothers should try to follow a healthy and balanced diet because what you eat reflects on your babies’ development automatically. And there is no doubt, breastfeeding is very beneficial for your little one.

Always watch your baby for reactions whenever you eat something that could be questionable, and check with your DOCTOR or PEDIATRICIAN if you have any concerns.

It is, therefore, essential that mothers maintain regular meals when breastfeeding to acquire important nutrients and also to increase their breast milk.

Can Breastfeeding Mother Eat Eba?

Actually, Eba or carbohydrates should not top the list. On top of the list of foods to eat during pregnancy should be protein and vitamins.

Foods rich in proteins and vitamins should come first on your budget list. After that others can follow such as carbohydrates or Eba.

Do not completely leave out carbohydrates during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. But you have to eat carbs in MODERATION to avoid gaining too much weight during pregnancy.

Bear in mind that your sugar level should not be HIGH during pregnancy.

However, during breastfeeding, you need to eat foods rich in carbs because you need energy daily to sustain yourself.

Eat foods like bread, rice, beans, swallow fufu and soups, EBA, amala, semo, plantain, yam, cassava, garri (with milk).

These foods will provide all the energy needed during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

In reality, you don’t have to eat carbs for breakfast, lunch and dinner but enjoying them at least once a day is beautiful and advisable.

In addition, eat fried rice, Jollof Rice, egusi soup, ogbono soup, Sesame seed soup, Rice and stew, bread andCan Nursing Mother Eat Egusi Soup? egg sauce, beans and plantain and all other nutritious Nigerian foods except foods cooked with Alcohol And Kanwu or limestone, which may harm your baby or present adverse effect on the baby’s health.

Remember, always watch your baby for REACTIONS whenever you eat EBA or other foods while breastfeeding, and if there is any issue, then STOP EATING such food.

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