Can Ampiclox Help Flush Out Sperm Immediately?

Can Ampiclox help flush out sperm Immediately? Ampiclox is an antibiotic medicine that contains a combination of Ampicillin and Cloxacillin.

This medicine inhibits the formation of the outer membrane of bacteria and thereby kills the bacteria responsible for the infection.

Common Uses Of Ampiclox

  • It is used to treat infections of lungs, throat, airways, skin & soft tissue, bone, ear, nose, blood and other bacterial infections
  • It is also used to treat infection of wounds and lungs after surgery.

Common Side Effects Of Ampiclox

  • Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.
  • Skin allergies with itching, rashes red bumps and blister.

Other Important Things To Know About Ampiclox

  1. Question: Can I consume alcohol with Ampiclox?

Answer: This medicine is known to have side effects like nausea and vomiting. Consuming alcohol may exaggerate such symptoms related to the stomach. Avoid drinking when you are taking this medicine.

  1. Question: Can I take Ampiclox Cap while breastfeeding?

Answer: This medicine passes into breast milk and can cause side effects like diarrhea and fungal infection of mouth in a breastfed baby. Therefore it is advised not to breastfeed when you are taking this medicine unless your doctor states otherwise.

  1. Question: Can I take Ampiclox Cap during pregnancy?

Answer: This rightly depends on your doctor. But the effect of this medicine in pregnant women is not clearly known and some animal studies have not shown any undesirable effects on the developing fetus and it is usually considered safe. However, it should be used only if considered essential by your doctor.

With all that said, can Ampiclox help flush out sperm after sex? From the beginning of time, humans have engaged in sexual activity for other purposes other than giving birth to a child, maybe for fun sake.

And when things go the wrong way and the woman becomes pregnant, that’s when things turn sour. It’s even worse when the partner in question are not married (boyfriend and girlfriend things).

Actually, conventional methods are safe but expensive especially here in Nigeria and some young singles can’t be able to go for it.

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Also due to the fact that most ladies fear how people will view them or chastisement when buying conventional contraceptives over the counter, they tend to go for unconventional ways of flushing out sperms out of their body at least that way their secret and image is safe with them.

Therefore, they resort for the use of Ampiclox after unprotected sex in order not to get pregnant.

However, Beecham Ampiclox is an unconventional and unproven emergency contraceptives most Nigerian ladies use nowadays.

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It is believed that when taken immediately after an unprotected sex, the drug kills the sperm cells in the body.

Honestly, this particular drug is competing strongly with postinor-2 in the market for sales now.

Meanwhile, how it works for pregnancy prevention still remains unknown as there has been no scientific study whatsoever to prove the fact.

So therefore be cautious while making use of Ampiclox as a means of preventing pregnancy.

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Post Script (PS): 

However, whether or not Ampiclox help flush out sperm after sex, it is important to keep in mind that it does not always guarantee a POSITIVE OUTCOME.

The reason for this is that, what worked for Amaka may not really work for Nkechi as each person or individual is different, unique and once you use some of these remedies without a DOCTOR’S prescription, you may end up hurting, or even killing yourself.

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