Bride Stuns in Wedding Day after Losing Weight -

Bride Stuns in Wedding Day after Losing Weight

A size 26 bride shed an incredible 63kg before her wedding day, stunning guests with her incredible transformation. Claire Williams, 44, from Wales in the UK has spent most her life comfort eating and overindulging on snacks. At just 152cm, her weight peaked at 125kg, and she resigned herself to always being overweight. But when someone cruelly taunted her fiance Matthew about “dating a fat girl”, she decided to take action, embarking on a healthier way of life that and becoming virtually unrecognisable.

Before wedding

After losing almost half her body weight, she walked down the aisle a fit and healthy size 8, much to the shock of her friends and family. “When I was at my heaviest I would never have had the confidence to walk down the aisle. But my weight loss has totally transformed me,” she joyfully said. “I am so full of energy these days. I felt truly amazing on my wedding day.” Claire, who said she was a “chunky child” who just got “bigger and bigger” as an adult, had resigned herself to living with her body that way. “Any food I could find I’d put in my mouth,” she said. “I would eat a stupid amount of bread — almost a loaf a day. I’d have it with every single meal of the day. Breakfast lunch and dinner, too.”

Her food habit was having a negative effect on her health, with Claire stating it was affecting her mobility. “When I got on a plane I sat in my seat the whole journey without moving once — terrified if I undid my seatbelt I’d never do it up again.” When she met husband-to-be Matthew, now 50, in 2013, Claire found the support she needed to start her weight-loss journey, joining her local Slimming World a year after they got together. “Matthew loved me unconditionally. He met me when I was fat and he got a lot of stick,” she said. “People asked him why he was going out with a fat woman like me.” Having such a wonderful partner who loves you unconditionally is amazing. If it wasn’t for him, I’d not be the healthy and happy woman I am today. However, the newlyweds described it as an “amazing” day.

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