Breastfeeding Husband After Baby Stories

Breastfeeding husband after baby stories? This practice of woman breastfeeding her husband after baby may sound odd to you but in some countries such as Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, may be here in Nigeria, it’s not. I hope you don’t doubt it?

Here in Nigeria for instance, especially in Igboland, there is saying that men ALWAYS breastfeed.

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“After being breastfed by his mother, he moves on to his girlfriend and finally to his wife.” Do you agree with that? That’s your business by the way…

If you can be able to observe some families, especially here in Africa (Nigeria included), you will agree with me that breastfeeding husband after baby is almost a routine.

However, from the information I got, I heard that Nigerian men like such practice and there are some speculation that their women love such practice as well.

Breastfeeding Husband After Baby? Let’s consider what a breastfeeding mom has to say concerning this very uncommon practice.

“It all started when I had just delivered my baby. I had engorged breasts early morning three(3) days after my delivery.

“It was really painful and my breasts were swollen and hard like rock. I was crying out of pain. Both me and my husband tried to manually express the milk out but it was of little help. I was yet to buy a breast reliever then. And it was too early in the morning to visit the doctor’ s clinic.

“finally my husband had to suck out the milk himself from my breasts. It was of great relief. And it continued for the next few weeks. He would normally feed on at bedtime after the baby falls asleep.

“And repeat the same before going out for work and after coming back. And would sometime also fall asleep by my side while nursing. I would always ensure proper hygiene and wash my breasts properly after every time my husband puts his mouth and before feeding my baby.

“I never had an engorgement again after that except on one occasion when my husband was out the the town for three(3) days, when my baby was around 12 weeks old.

“My baby is almost seven months now and I am yet to get back my periods. My husband is still performing his job loyally and to his full satisfaction and mine.

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“I have started giving semi-solid food to my baby now but plan to breastfeed him till he become two years old.

“Both me and my husband are enjoying the new bond. It feels really nice to nourish both of them with my milk.”

We have resumed our sex-life 8 weeks after my delivery which was a C-section. And the milk always adds spice to our sex life. Though we have never discussed, I would love to continue to feed my husband even after weaning my baby and as long as I can.”

Breastfeeding husband after baby? Although it happens between a breastfeeding mum and her partner as expressed above, but the concern is all about its impact on babies’ nutrition.

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