Best Nigerian Hospitals

Best Nigerian hospitals? Healthcare is one of the basic necessities of life. Whether advanced or advancing, every society prioritizes its inhabitants’ healthcare because, without individuals in good health, society’s core essence will definitely die down.

Hope you have heard the saying that “health is wealth”, but a market place or hotel is not the place to go if a health condition develops; a hospital is the right place.

It is also the place to undergo proper check-ups and diagnosis.

Therefore, it’s important to note that while hospitals are the place to visit for health-related issues, a single hospital might not offer all health-related services.

With that said, basic health care is the minimum level of healthcare that is necessary for the maintenance of adequate health and which also serves as protection from diseases.

Basic healthcare services include but are not limited to emergency services, laboratory and radiology services, inpatient hospital and physician care and preventive health services.

The healthcare team is made of Clinicians, Nurses, Medical Laboratory Scientists, Pharmacists, Dentists, Midwives, and other health professionals.

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The World Health Organization lists robust financing, well-trained and adequately paid staff and adequately maintained facilities and logistics geared towards delivering quality medicine and technologies as some qualities of an appropriately functioning healthcare system.

Actually, Nigeria falls short of these expectations but some hospitals help to cover up our ‘unhealthy’ shame and shamble to some extent.

What are those best Nigerian hospitals that covers our shame and shambles?

Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Aro, Abeokuta

Ranked 209 and 6, globally and in Africa respectively. This hospital situated at Old Lagos Road, Ita-Oshin, Aro, Abeokuta, Ogun State was ranked as the number 1 hospital in Nigeria based on all criteria.

It was built in 1944 and provides both regional and national quality mental health care and services.

It is widely known as Nigeria’s apex center for Psychiatry.

It renders such services as Radio-Diagnostics, Adolescent Mental Health, Occupational Therapy, Psychiatry, Electroencephalography (EEG) and Drug Addiction Treatment.

It also runs Schools of Clinical Nursing, Psychiatric Nursing, and Psychiatry Residency Training.

Research services are also available here as students and professionals come in to glean from their wealth of wisdom and experience.

All these quality services are manned by qualified and well experienced Medical Practitioners.

The hospital is listed as the 6th best in Africa and number 2091 in the world. It is, therefore, safe to say that the Aro Hospital has accomplished and is improving its vision of being a national center of excellence as well as an international point of reference in the area of mental health.

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Nordica Fertility Center, Lagos

This very hospital is second on this very list. Ranked 6167 and 21 on global scale and Africa.

This hospital was founded in 1999 and boasts of being the first hospital in Nigeria to solely focus on the Assisted Conception Unit.

Its first location was at 66 Oduduwa Way, GRA, Ikeja, Lagos. The hospital aims to provide world standard fertility services that can be equated at any time to the best international hospitals.

Other available locations are Mainland, Lagos; Asokoro, Abuja and Asaba. It came 2nd in Nigeria and 21st in Africa.

Bridge Clinic

Ranked 8309 in the world and 43 in Africa.

In 1999, the Bridge Clinic was birthed for the purpose of delivering an uncompromised quality of medical care in Nigeria.

Their priority was offering fertility services and care and they easily became West Africa’s best center for fertility services.

With time, they delved fully into the provision of everyday health services as popularly requested by satisfied patients.

There are now several branches of the clinic in Abuja and Lagos amongst others. This 3rd best hospital in Nigeria is also ranked 43rd in Africa.

Saint Nicholas Hospital

This hospital asides being the 4th best in Nigeria, is also ranked 89th in Africa.

In 1968, Moses Majekodunmi established St. Nicholas Hospital in Lagos Island, Lagos, Nigeria. It is situated at 57 Campbell Street near Catholic Mission Street, Lagos Island.

It boasts of performing the first kidney transplant surgery in Nigeria and the first pediatric kidney transplant surgery in West Africa.

The first treatment for renal transplantation in Nigeria was also performed here. The hospital is now one of the best organ transplant centers in Nigeria.

Currently, there are several other branches of the hospital also in Lagos, Nigeria. These are St. Nicholas Clinics at the Lekki Free Trade Zone, St. Nicholas Hospital at Maryland and St.

Nicholas Clinics at Victoria Island on 7b Etim Inyang Street. These hospitals also offer a full range of quality healthcare services.

Abuja Clinics

This 5th best hospital in Nigeria is the 93rd best in Africa.

It is no surprise that a hospital whose strategy involves utilizing expert, modern equipment and facilities at all times in a congenial environment made this prestigious list.

Abuja Clinics was founded in 1989 as an institution to provide healthcare services to the residents of Abuja. It has however grown to a group of 3 hospitals situated in Karu, Maitama and Garki districts of the FCT.

Through the authority of seasoned administrators, the clinic provides the community with a proficient and dedicated healthcare delivery system.

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Noma Children Hospital Sokoto

This is a specialist hospital located in the Northern Nigeria. World ranking is 6167 while here in African it ranked 21st.

A WHO referenced hospital, it is dedicated to plastic and reconstructive surgery which is aimed at treating Noma and the disfiguring it brings to people that survive it.

Not only is Noma Children Hospital Sokoto one of the best hospitals in Nigeria, it also offers free pediatric and surgical care to people suffering from the disease, and it also provides training in pediatric and plastic surgery.

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Reddington Hospital, Lekki Lagos State

The world ranking of this very hospital is 12771 while on African scale, it Ranked 121.

One of the best hospitals in Nigeria, the Reddington Hospital was established in 2001 in association with London’s Cromwell Hospital.

The hospital takes care of Internal Medicine, just as it specializes in Cardiology. More so, Reddington has its own Coronary and Intensive Care Unit.

Looking at the services offered by the hospital, it covers things from Renal Dialysis to Obstetrics and Gynaecology.

In addition to that, the hospital is also reputable for Paediatrics, Surgery, Ophthalmology, ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Surgery, Radiology, and Psychiatry.

One more thing that you will find great with this hospital which is located in Lagos is that you can book an appointment online.

Meridian Hospital – Rivers State

Meridian Hospital was established in 1996 and is led by Dr Odoh Iyke, a family physician. The hospital is located in 21, Igbokwe Street, D Line, Port Harcourt, Rivers.

Meridian Hospital provides services in the following departments: General Medicine, Surgery, Obstetrics/Gynaecology, Paediatrics, Optometry, Ophthalmology, ENT and diagnostics support services including automated Laboratory, digitalized X-ray unit, ECG and Ultrasound.

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Best Nigerian hospitals? Which other hospital do you think should be added on that list?

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