Benefits Of Dating A Woman With A Higher Sex Drive In Nigeria -

Benefits Of Dating A Woman With A Higher Sex Drive In Nigeria

Benefits of dating a woman with a higher sex drive in Nigeria? While it often feels like women have lower sex drive than men, there are women who actually have their libido on par with their partners and some even have higher desire for sex than their partners.

If you ever fall in love with a woman like this, count yourself lucky for the following five reasons:

Benefits Of Dating A Woman With A Higher Sex Drive

She Never Fakes

Because women like this have a big appetite for satisfaction, she’s not going to fake an orgasm just to make things end.

She also won’t pretend you are great in bed when you are not. She genuinely needs you to be good for her so instead of faking moans and orgasms, she’ll offer constructive criticism and assistance to get the best out of the experience for both partners.

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She Initiates

You have a woman with you who has no qualms about initiating sex quite regularly – maybe even as frequent as you.

She’s Adventurous

She’ll pretty much be open to every [safe] thing you are willing to try. While some women have been known to just indulge you long enough to get it over with, this babe is not like that.

Matter of fact, you might need to up your game to match up to her.

Couple having sex during coronavirus pandemic
Couple having sex

Makes It Easy For You

The good thing with this babe is that she’ll likely be willing to assist you every step of the way.

She does not leave you to figure stuff out. She’s open, communicative, not shy to talk about sex and knows enough about her body to know what makes her tick and she’ll let you know about it, too.


The Relationship Is Not A Struggle

Of course, emotional connections often suffer when physical connections are not strong enough. But you do not have to fear this with this partner. The physical connection hardly suffers with a woman like this.

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It’s also been argued that women with high sex drive are somehow nicer, have better personalities and are less likely to have dark moods. That has to have a very positive on your relationship, right?



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