Believing Beyond Self -

Believing Beyond Self

When I looked at men or human beings in general, a constant puzzle set itself before me. The puzzle of human’s sole-ability to achieve and overcome. Yes, actually there are many tales or stories per se about great men and women who achieved greatness through their wisdom and understanding.

Yes I heard such, and I also believe you too heard or came across such development maybe on social media, magazine even over the radio stations or within your sorority. This very puzzle pushed me to consider people’s view towards that.

I came to realized that many motivational speakers use the topic “SELF-BELIEVING” to be the means through which they can penetrate the hearts of their listeners. They usually tell them what they want to hear.

Some preachers too, also adopt this very monopoly of self-believe to lure their members and get listening ears from them. Even crafty friends have long personalized this means in order to deceive and destroy the dreams of their close friends.

Honestly, without doubt you can achieve your heart desires, after all are you not the one directly involved in that situation? Are you not the one physically planning, strategizing, suggesting ways, toiling, suffering and perhaps proffering solutions for those problems?

Are you not the pioneer or champion of yourself? Actually, you are the master planner, so therefore all relies on your prowess.

My dear, glorify not in your self-sufficiency as it might not really be the secret behind your greatness today. Many successful and great people did MORE than believing solely on themselves.

Many sacrificed (maybe with blood), killed, betrayed, fasted morning and night, struggled to earth, passed through sacred purifications and some died on their behalf before they get there. These transformed people will now come out and tell you to believe solely on yourself.

Nwanne’m, there is more far greater than believing solely on your capacity. Many trusted solely on themselves for tomorrow but couldn’t live to see it.           Many planned for a business trip but later find themselves on the hospital bed speechless the next day.

Many proclaimed publicly that they can’t be poor but just few years later they found themselves on the street hustling just for their stomach. Many wanted to be THIS or the OTHER but after some years were seen asking themselves with dejection “why am I like this”.

It’s beyond self-believe my brother. If it were to be just self-believe alone, then don’t you believe in yourself for that dream you have been waiting for so long to be fulfilled? Don’t you believe?

Something happened in Spain many years ago, when early Spanish coins were inscribed with the words ne plus ultra– which was a Latin word meaning “no more beyond.” They (Spanish people) prided themselves and believed there was nowhere else to go after Spain, and if one mistakenly ventured into the sea, certain danger lay ahead.

But an Italia explorer, Christopher Columbus proved them wrong by sailing from Spain in 1492 to Americas. Columbus proved to them that there is plus ultra (there is more beyond).

Nkem, ability to “make am”, achieve greatly, dominate, break limits, conquer, quench the fairy darts, overcome, succeed, and subdue is far removed from haze self-believe. There are more to it………..more beyond your self-believe.

From: Oduigwe Chidera Dok

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