Be Careful Of “Hello From The Other Side” -

Be Careful Of “Hello From The Other Side”

It’s just a four letter keyword per se, but internally attached with emotional feelings and intentions far more than the words itself. The sole reason for this may be because it came or may be able to come from people you know or loved.

And that people you know or perhaps loved may say it in order to express their presence and to greet you too. To them, it’s nothing more than greeting after all they know you despite your financial status.

But what happens when the “Hello” is coming from people you don’t really know? And they are aware you have amassed fortune and living comfortably. You will be surprised, isn’t it? However, you will agree with me that they actually want to share your blessings. They want to have a dent on their envisioned abundance you have.

Honestly, I have come to realize that when one is battling with financial bankruptcy, hello from the other side (even the ones from closed and loved ones get reduced drastically) is likely to seize. They will not recognize you anymore neither would they go that long way pronouncing the word “HELLO” to you, it’s very difficult to say. They believe that you are On Your Own (OYO), but not when you are financially ok.

This very “hello from the other side” of people you are not familiar with is actually a wake-up call and one should be extremely vigilant about it. One should be careful of this haze salutes in that it usually comes with a concern attached to it firmly. It might be a concerning to destroy you and your effort, a concern for sex, friendship, marriage, to defraud you or for partnership.

Ndaa (my dear), always remember that the “hello from the other side” is somehow natural. Once you made it for good or when you are established, you will definitely observe it around you. Remember that they are nowhere to be found during the hard time but will always emerge at that period of merriment or gaiety, and it’s you exclusive right to give room or not to such an outsider into your sorority, life or occupation. One African Proverbs said “Ignorance is darker than the night.”

From: Oduigwe, Chidera Dok

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