Balancing Between Work and Sexual Life during a Coronavirus: How It Works? -

Balancing Between Work and Sexual Life during a Coronavirus: How It Works?

A couple’s sexual life is very important. It allows an intimate bonding moment that’s just special. But with coronavirus, everything including the ‘sex schedule’ has been disrupted. Here are tips for balancing work and sex life during the pandemic to ensure you’re not overdoing or neglecting any part of your life. 

Sexual life is an essential part of our lives and our general well-being. In relationships, orgasms allow a couple to bond. Unfortunately, our work schedules sometimes don’t let us get intimate with our partners as much as we would like. But then, with the coronavirus pandemic, there are one too many chances for some couples to have sex. With everyone at home, it’s hard to balance between work and sex life. 

We will share tips on how to balance work and how to keep sexual life healthy. 

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Keep One Calendar

On regular days, most people keep two calendars; one for work and another for private life. 

Since you’ve got to go to the office, this schedule doesn’t seem to be a challenge. But with the pandemic, chances are you and your spouse are working from home, and if you have kids, they are around most of the time.

This is likely to end into two scenarios: lots of sex and neglecting work, or too much work and attention on kids, and no sex.

To avoid this, schedule for your intimate moments with your spouse. This sounds gross, but as soon as you adjust and have a routine, it will feel normal. 

To be clear, we are not in any way against spontaneity. The schedule is for ensuring you have a well-rounded life if you’re struggling to strike a balance.

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Stay Disciplined

With many spouses locked in different states during COVID-19, a majority have agreed to allow casual sex. This is normal as sexual life in long-distance relationships is one of the cons of having your partner far from you.

Individuals who are not used to the casual sex arrangement can behave like kids with candy (and boy do they have a sweet tooth). 

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It may become too much fun, and most of your time may end up spent on dates and getting laid.

For this arrangement to work, it’s crucial to stay disciplined and only go for it when necessary without affecting your work schedule. 

Stop Putting A Price On Sexual Experiences

It’s easy to get anything you want from your partner. And in most cases, it’s easy to withhold a sexual favor for a purpose. This may seem funny, but it may put a strain on your sexual life.

Allow openness in your relationship. Find better ways of solving issues besides make up sex. Respecting your intimate moments with your partner is the only way to keep your sex life healthy.

You will have multiple arguments while you’re both in the house, but be sure to solve them as soon as possible. Starving your partner sexually for prolonged periods after arguments could drift you two apart.

Spice Things Up

Sexual life after 40 years, and probably 10 years of marriage or a few kids, is honestly different from your 20-year-old sex life. Work and kids get into the way, and sleep becomes the ultimate gift for every day. And before you realize it, you’re searching, ‘What is a normal sexual life?’ because you haven’t bonded with your partner for months. 

Luckily, nature has heard you, and you can now take your time at home to rekindle your sex life. Try out that sexy lingerie and surprise your partner.

If your parents live around, ask them to take in your kids for a day or two and have some kind of date night. 

Try to grab as much time as you can to bond with your partner. 



Is Sexual Life Important?

Yes, scientifically, it comes with loads of benefits, and in a relationship, it helps in keeping the fire burning. However, it’s vital to ensure that your sex life doesn’t affect other essential parts of your life.

What’s the greatest challenge you’re facing when in your sex life as a result of COVID-19? 

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