Are You Experiencing Low Sex Drive? Blame It On These 7 Dangerous Habits -

Are You Experiencing Low Sex Drive? Blame It On These 7 Dangerous Habits

It happens to a lot of us. But only few of us talk about it. Yes, we are talking about low sex drive. Well, there are many health and psychological conditions that can be the culprit behind your low libido.

However, there are certain lifestyle habits that could potentially ruin your life in bed. You want to know these destructive habits? Keep on reading…….

You Are Dehydrated (lack of fluid)

Insufficient fluid intake could secretly kill your sex drive. When you are dehydrated, you are likely to experience fatigue and a pounding sensation in your head. That can take a toll on your sexual desire.

Moreover, when your body lacks water, there is a dearth of oxygen in your bloodstream. This translates into low oxygen in your genitals too, another factor contributing to low libido.

Add to this the fact that dehydration can lead to vaginal dryness. So you struggle with lubrication and orgasm as well.

You Watch A Lot Of Porns

There is a spate of studies that has established a link between watching pornography and erectile dysfunction.

It has also been found that this habit increases your sexual fantasies and expectations, leading to frustration during a real-life sexual encounter.

You Are Addicted To Junk Food

These foods come with chemicals known as phthalates. They impact male hormones negatively and reduce libido.

You Are Way Too Stressed

Just like many other aspects of life, stress negatively impacts your sex drive too. This is because your sex hormones, like others chemicals, go haywire when you are stressed out.

You Don’t Like Fish

Fish is known to be rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. This monounsaturated fatty acid balances testosterone, oestrogen, and progesterone levels–the hormones involved with your sex drive.

Start having fish in your meals if you’re not a vegetarian. Your heart and brain will also benefit from it too.

Deprivation of Sleep

Sleep deprivation could be a sign of sleep apnoea (a sleep disorder). Several studies have linked low libido with sleep apnoea.

Your Don’t Have Zinc-Rich Foods In Your Diet

Found in nuts and spinach, this is a nutrient that is directly linked with testosterone. Low levels of zinc leads to a reduction in this male sex hormone. This is how it impacts your sex life by making your sperm not to swim properly.

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