Recent report shows that most men prefer to not discuss their health issues with people. Only alarming 7% of men discuss health issues with their male friends. Almost one-fifth of men do not discuss private topics such as bedroom concerns, relationships and urinary issues with anyone.

Meanwhile, most men don’t focus on their health due to the cultural norm which prevents them from discussing their health-related concerns as well. Moreover, such behavior in men can also be due to distrust in peers, lack of awareness and lack of self-care. However, the question here is; are there important health aspects that men should pay attention to? Though chest pain, breathlessness, fatigue, depression, memory loss and urinary crisis are among the top health concerns that most men tend to ignore. Here are a few things men should keep in mind.


Men often don’t feel the need to get a health check-up until the situation warrants getting one. Ideally all men, regardless of their age, must get frequent health check-up with their nearest healthcare provider.

The general health check-up may include the screening for diabetes, cholesterol and other lipids, nutritional deficiencies of iron, vitamin D, B12 and organ function tests if risk factors are there such as kidney, liver, thyroid, etc. It is important to know that men are more prone to heart diseases and cancer but they tend to ignore the cautionary signs and end up encountering it in a later stage. Undergoing frequent health check-ups can totally help prevent any potential risks to their health.


Obesity, in general, is a global epidemic that we are facing currently. Almost 30% of people across the world are obese or overweight. Nearly 3 out of 4 men are either overweight or obese.

A waist size of 102 cm or above puts men at risk of heart diseases, diabetes and cancer. Physical fitness is one of the most important aspects of health that men need to focus on.  A change in lifestyle and adoption of better habits can result in a healthier lifestyle too. Physical fitness is easily attainable with dedication and will power.

One can ideally begin by setting realistic goals like changing food habits or incorporating at least one physical activity in your daily routine. Eating 5 nutritious portions of fruits and vegetables in a day or 150 minutes of moderate exercises in a week can result in physical and mental wellness. A healthy lifestyle also includes giving up any life-threatening habits such as drinking alcohol and consuming tobacco infused products. If you are a habitual smoker then you must quit immediately in order to add more years to your life. Don’t forget that smokers are very liable to die young!!!


Most men feel uncomfortable discussing their personal issues with others like we said earlier. Instead they tend to cave in and repress their emotions, which results in various mental health issues with time. It is believed that about 75% of suicides are committed by men. Mental health in men is an increasingly alarming issue and it must be met with proper care.

Depression, anxiety, self-harm, self-image and stress are some of the mental health issues that are very difficult to avoid. No matter how much you try to suppress them, in times of struggle they will likely resurface again. A better way to deal with stress is to talk. Talk to your friends and family or to a therapist, but talking is important. Any dread that you might experience is only temporary, a positive relationship with your mind and body is the only thing that will sustain.

Always seek help from wherever you feel safest, look out for support groups in your area and surroundings that you can become a part of. It is also important to boost habits that not only improve your mood on a daily basis but also helps you live a long and fulfilling life.


Various physical, psychological, interpersonal and social factors influence a man’s sexual health. It is estimated that at least 1 man in 10 has a problem related to having sex, such as premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. But most men feel uncomfortable discussing these issues with others and getting the desired help sooner than later can save them from the existential dread and discomfort.

Sexual awareness and frequent self-examination are extremely important. Hepatitis B testing and vaccination, HIV prophylaxis or testing, protected sex and other preventive measures can help secure men from catching sexually transmitted diseases commonly known as STDs.

However, the bottom line is that self-care is at the heart of physical and mental wellness of men. Men and boys should be raised in a world where they don’t end up concurring self-image issues. They must learn to care for themselves in the most wholesome way. The need for self-care in men is now more than ever, especially, when all the efforts are driven with the sole aim of ensuring men live a healthier life now and in future.

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