Kola nuts are derived from the kola tree which has a scientific name called COLA. Locally known as Oji in Igbo land, Obi among the Yorubas, and Gworo in Hausa land. It is a fruit which is rich in caffeine. This caffeine-containing fruit grows on the evergreen tree which has a height of about 20 meters.

Notwithstanding, these nuts are packed in a hard shell-like structure and surrounded by ovoid leave. It is quite bitter, but when the whole-fruit is chewed, it gives a feel of sweet fruity taste. However, its aroma is pleasant and gives you the smell of rose petals. Kola nuts have been researched to have many health benefits, however, they still have some effects which are dangerous, especially, when they are consumed too much.

IT CAUSES INCREASED BLOOD PRESSURE: People suffering from hypertension are advised by medical practitioners to stay away from these nuts as their stimulant property increase the blood pressure. People with normal heart function can enjoy these kola nuts, however, it must not be too much. Old people should consult a doctor before consumption as they are more vulnerable to medical complications.

IT CAUSES SLEEPING DISORDER: Kola nut contains caffeine and according to research, constant intake of caffeine is highly dangerous to human health. Intake on a regular basis can lead to sleeplessness and stressful insomnia. Those who frequently face trouble in falling asleep should maintain some distance with these products.

IT CAUSES TREMORS: Kola nut is an active stimulant, it can put a negative impact on central nervous system and peripheral nervous system. Its powerful effect can lead to shakiness, anxiousness and tremors and these can be very difficult to manage.

IT CAN LEAD TO DEATH: Taking excessive amount of caffeine can lead to death. Thus, eating too much kola nuts can be dangerous. So, one should be very careful with the quantity of chooses.

NOT GOOD FOR PEOPLE WITH DIABETES: Individuals who suffer from diabetes state that when too much caffeine gets into their body, it starts behaving in a different way. Thus, the sugar is not digested as usually. These problems can lead to incorrect sugar levels in the body which is not good for diabetes.

IT SLOWS BLOOD CLOTTING: When eaten in excessive amounts, kola nuts can lead to another trouble: the blood clotting will be worse than ever. Therefore, if you have an open wound that is bleeding, this nuts can worsen them and make them bigger than ever.

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