The real truth is that we all dream, but most of us may not even recall what transpired the next day. Basically, dreams are stories and images the brain creates while we sleep. Dream can range from being vivid, entertaining to the extent of being disturbing. While there are many theories about why we dream, no one actually knows for sure the sole reason why we dream. But some researchers believe that dreams are important for human health and well-being.

In fact, recent research suggests that dreams can help us deal with health issues, ranging from depression to chronic pain. Many also claimed that dreams can actually do more for one’s health. Suggesting that dreams may help process emotions, consolidate memories and solve problems in our lives too.

However, a research done in US suggested that dreaming may help alleviate depression. The study found that divorced people who were suffering depression were more likely to have recovered from the disorder within a year if they had positive dreams about their experience. Meanwhile, a review of psychological disorders associated with disturbed dreaming suggested that constantly having disturbing dreams and nightmares may be associated with depression and other mental illness.

Can an individual control what he or she dreams about?

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