Are Cotton Pads Better For Your Period? -

Are Cotton Pads Better For Your Period?

Are cotton pads better for your period? Viewing it from the outside, periods can sound amazing. You, as a woman, are being born with hundreds of thousands of eggs.

After puberty, a gland in your brain sends a monthly message that says, “My dear release an egg” to your ovaries.

The whole process happens for about 450 times over your lifetime. While from the inside, periods don’t feel as awesome.

For a few days every month, you can feel like a different person, both physically and emotionally, and not in a good way for that matter.

But don’t let those days derail your life. You can still do everything that you would during the rest of the month, if you know how to manage the PACKAGE your monthly visitor may bring for you.

Are Cotton Pads Better For Your Period?    

With the above refreshment, here comes the main aim of this very write-up.

As it is highly and medically recommended that during women menstrual flow or cycle, women are advised to use cotton underwear in order to ventilate the vagina and eliminate infections.

This is because putting on cotton underwear helped to keep the vagina free of excessive moisture and allows the area to breathe too.

Also, you should use cotton menstrual pads too and the sole reason for this is that cotton absorbs excess moisture and removes buildup heat from the area.

Cotton is the only materials that can become stronger when wet and is easily sterilized after use. Did you get that?

“Avoid sleeping with pants at night, to keep the vagina area dry and healthy throughout the night,’’


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