Anyone Who Undergoes Female Genital Mutilation Can’t Enjoy Sex —Survivor -

Anyone Who Undergoes Female Genital Mutilation Can’t Enjoy Sex —Survivor

Eberechi, a 47-year-old mother of four and FGM survivor, is an industrial chemist and senior staff of a major petro-chemical industry. To her, sex is nothing but pain.

“I find sex rather painful and unpleasant due to the scar that resulted from mutilation when I was circumcised as a child. I blame my parents for it all,” she says.

Ebere (for short) has been married to husband Jude for 18 years, but, as she says, she enjoys everything about her life and marriage except the sex.

“It has been an interesting experience, career-wise, in the last 20 years. But maritally, it has been rough.

“My 18 years of marriage with four lovely children is laced with mixed feelings. Though.  Jude is a caring husband, the problem has to do with sex.

“I am a survivor of FGM and this has affected my sex life, as I find it difficult to have sex with my husband to date.

“The pain I usually experience during penetration normally puts me off. So, I see nothing exciting about sexual intercourse.

“Sometimes, I wonder what it’s all about when I see women talk about sex with so much passion and excitement. I doubt what they say, considering my experience,” she said.

Sharing her frustration with PUNCH HealthWise, Ebere said, “I got married a virgin. So, ordinarily, you would expect the first sexual intercourse to be painful. But after two weeks, it was still difficult to have sex as a result of pain.

“It was like being penetrated with a sharp razor. This continued for two months until we visited a health expert to ascertain what the problem was.

“After a medical examination, the doctor said my entire clitoris had been cut off and that the wound healed so poorly, leaving a scar around the walls of my vagina.

“So, having sex has not been easy like other women whose clitorises are still intact. I had to endure the pain to be able to have kids and I delivered through Caesarian sections as a result.”

She confessed that the pain she experiences during sex had made her husband lose interest in lovemaking, concluding, “I blame my parents anyway.”

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