Anal Rape Video:How To Avoid Rape

Anal rape and how to avoid rape in Nigeria? It’s a sad development that sexual assault is recurring in our society ,Nigeria in particular, and the media holds the responsibility to educate people about morality beyond the news.

While nothing justifies the illegal act, here are four helpful tips that may help the vulnerable (most especially females) to avoid sexual abuse:

How To Avoid Rape In Nigeria

  1. Shout! Shout!! Shout!!!

    Rape cases in Adamawa state
    Rape cases in Adamawa state

Evil thrives in silence but escape can be earned when attention is drawn. If an attempt to be sexually-abused is made, be sure you don’t lose your voice. Shout until you can get that needed attention.

One of two things will likely happen – the culprit(s) would do everything to first ensure you’re cautioned from calling people’s attention – that may be a bit unpredictably violent any way but it still saves or the culprit(s) gets forced to run away to avoid being apprehended.

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  1. Apply caution in isolated places

    Nigerian women holding placard against rape
    Nigerian women holding placard against rape

As hard and unbelievable you may find this, nowhere is safe anymore, not even your private homes. We live in a precarious world. If you must go to any isolated place, do NOT go alone.

It’s somewhat better to go with at least a friend. Have police and any other people you trust on speed dial on your mobile phone. That also means your phone must be at a very close proximity.

All of these will help if you are alert and stay conscious of your immediate environment though solitary.

If you get any wind of someone or a group trying to invade your privacy in that location, opt for the options stated here.

  1. If you’re in a party, try this!

    Friends taking drinks
    Friends taking drinks

It gets so lively in party and so extra folks (guys or ladies) may find you attractive that they can’t forget their senses.

It’s not your fault that you’re gorgeous but help yourself to ensure that some frivolous persons don’t impress themselves on you.

Take your drink or food even to the dance floor. Oh..!!! You get that, right? Desperate folks may want to poison your food or drink with some sleeping drugs and take advantage of your unconscious state.

Also, ensure you are not drunk in a public place. If you are about to be, quickly excuse yourself before you’re noticed by anyone. You will become powerless when you’re tipsy.

  1. Extra measures call for extra actions

    Alone-black-and-white-crying and depressed
    Alone-black-and-white-crying and depressed

When it gets violent, try harder! Trying harder may mean protecting yourself first. Can you grab something to wade off your offender(s), go for it?

A rapist is capable of killing you, so your safety is paramount at that point.

Find the fastest escape route if possible and head straight to a police station. This is your first and legal action to take.

Go to the police to report the situation with all the evidence, irrespective of how the attempt turns out, either one of the offenders gets injured or even dead.

How to avoid rape in Nigeria? Drop your experience if you ever had one.

Watch the story of 16-year old girl raped in Nigeria below….

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