An NGO Sensitises Parents on Child Abuse and Molestation -

An NGO Sensitises Parents on Child Abuse and Molestation

Down To Heart, Speak Out, a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), which is advocating for women’s voice and against child abuse, held a sensitisation workshop to educate people about the dangerous effect of child abuse and molestation which is rampant in the country. Convener of the group, which has over 150 women as members, Adegoke Victoria, while giving her welcome address, said the silence of women to the issue affecting the society has brought a terrible fate and vices on the development of the country.

While delivering his lecture, Pastor Marcus William regarded child abuse as any action that put children in harmful way. He noted that children of parents who prioritised their works above their homes have high tendency of getting molested and harassed. Marcus explained that many victims of child abuse have found it difficult to speak out due to stigmatisation caused by the cultural, ethnical and the religious organisations.

What are those factors that makes parent to prioritise their work over their children?

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