Alyssa Grace – All That You Need Mp3 Download

Alyssa Grace – All That You Need Mp3 Download.

Alyssa Grace is a 14-year-old singer-songwriter who pens music about what’s happening in her life – drawing listeners in with universal themes about coping with bullying, anxiety, girl empowerment and simply remembering to breathe.

Born in Torrance, California, Alyssa began singing incessantly at the age of 2. So at the age of 7, her parents put her in vocal lessons.

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Before long she was singing the National Anthem at sporting events, performing in theater productions and variety shows, entertaining seniors, singing competitions, and the New York subway. And most recently in online concerts and even for friends in the driveway.

At the age of 10 she began learning guitar from her grandfather and a year later she began writing her own songs.

For Alyssa, it has often been easier for her to express what she is feeling through her music than to talk about it – writing about the loss of loved ones (“Out of Here”), being bullied in school (“Acting Shoes”), having a crush on a boy (“All That you Need”), female empowerment (“What’s a Girl to You”) and struggling with ADHD and anxiety (“Breathe”).

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When Alyssa isn’t singing she’s competing in softball, gymnastics and especially soccer, where she’s a leader on every team she plays for.

She also loves to draw, paint and, like every teen, hang out with friends.

In the past several months she has released two original songs and has been working in the studio with several Grammy award winning producers on new material.

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