Always Or Longrich:Best Sanitary Pads Types In Nigeria

Best sanitary pads types in Nigeria? Sanitary pads are absorbent item worn most especially by women while menstruating. It can also be worn by women recovering from vaginal surgery, post-birth bleeding, after an abortion, or in any other situation where it is necessary to absorb or trap a flow of blood from the vagina.
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Always Sanitary Pad?

Always Sanitary Pad
Always Sanitary Pad

There is no gainsaying that Always has made a woman’s period a more positive, happier experience.

Always, the world’s leader in feminine protection is dedicated to helping women embrace womanhood positively, from the very beginning of puberty through their adult lives.

Always has a wide range of menstrual pads designed to fit different body types, period flows, and preferences.

And we all know, the better the fit, the better the protection.

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Longrich Sanitary Pad?

Longrich Sanitary Pad
Longrich Sanitary Pad

Longrich Magnetic Anion Sanitary Pads (panty liners) has several benefits such as long absorb, relieves menstrual pain, it’s anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory, eliminating odour.

It improves endocrine / glandular functions due to the Anion contents on the pad surface. It can be used to dematerialize growth and keeps dry as long as eight (8) hours.

Virony Sanitary Pad?

Virony Sanitary Pad
Virony Sanitary Pad

Virony sanitary pad is a very flat pad with extended wings to prevent leaks. Virony sanitary pad is hygienic and has no bulge when used.

A pack contains enough pads to use without having to buy a second pad during a period and it has extended wings to prevent leak.

Angel Secret Sanitary Pad?

Angel Secret Sanitary Pad
Angel Secret Sanitary Pad

Angels Secret Sanitary Napkin uses the negatively charged ion strip and is one of the most exciting discoveries of the Century.

Helps increase the feeling of freshness and vitality, giving you more confidence and comfort.

It has instant and strong absorption, breathable and it’s comfortable. Proven scientifically, it may prevent cervical cancer, cyst, Myoma, Fibroids, UTI and increase health benefits in the female health.

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Tampax Sanitary Pad?

Tampax Sanitary Pad
Tampax Sanitary Pad

Tampax tampons have the perfect lineup of tampons for period protection to help you confidently stand out, stay active and live life without limits.

No matter what you like to do, Tampax will help keep you protected.

Tampons provide great, invisible protection by absorbing fluid inside your body so no one has to know you’re having your period.

They come in different sizes to use, depending on your flow. They also have different applicators as some are plastic, some are cardboard, some are compact, and all of them fit discreetly in your purse.

Sofy Sanitary Pad?

Sofy Sanitary Pad
Sofy Sanitary Pad

Sofy comes in different-colored pack. Each of the pads go the length of 24cm that can easily fit into underwear.

The Sofy pad is uniquely manufactured to meet the needs of ladies during the day.

It is great for the everyday medium-flow during the daytime and its shape keeps the pad in place for easy movement.

Lady Care Sanitary Pad?

Always Sanitary Pad
Always Sanitary Pad

Lady Care Premium is made of cotton-like material, soft and comfortable on the skin with an anatomical shape that fits conveniently.

Lady Care Premium is lengthened (280 mm) for additional back protection, channels distribute flows and prevent side-leakages.

High-quality adhesive keeps the pad in place at all times. Lady Care Premium is individually packed and most suitable for heavy flow.

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Lady Sept Sanitary Pad?

Lady Sept Sanitary Pad
Lady Sept Sanitary Pad

Flexibility and freedom. Often being recommended as part of the Hospital list. Lady Sept super hygienic sanitary towels specially designed for women and acknowledged by professionals as the best in its category.

It is also the first and remains the best of the special use sanitary towels especially here in Nigeria.

Other sanitary pads in Nigeria may include; Molped Pad, Comfit sanitary pad, Drylove Sanitary Napkin and Kedi Active Sanitary Pads.

Which is the best sanitary pad in Nigeria? These sanitary pads listed above are available and affordable in Nigerian market for a long time and have been tested by many Nigerian women.

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However, you can try them out to see which one you prefer most, that fits your body and skin type as well as meeting your body needs.

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