Abortion Rate In Nigeria And Why It Keeps On Increasing…….

Abortion rate in Nigeria. Abortion in a conservative nation like Nigeria is been considered illegal and carries a heavy jail sentence, up to 14 years imprisonment, unless it is performed to save the life of the pregnant woman.

Nevertheless, a large number of secret or illegal abortions continue to be carried out regularly across a very culture and religion, often with dire consequences for the lives and health of the young lady involved. And this very trend keeps increasing daily.

In 2017, the annual incidence of likely abortions in Nigeria was 41.1 per 1,000 women age 15 to 49 — nearly 1.8 million abortions. When including information related to the experience of respondents’ closest confidantes, the number of likely abortions in Nigeria rose to 2.7 million.

Also, more than 6 out of 10 abortions were considered least safe, and 11% of women experienced complications for which they sought postabortion care at a health facility.

Women living in rural areas of the country, women with no education, and women who are poor were the most likely to have the least safe abortions.

This now brings us to the question; what is the brain behind high rate of illegal abortion in Nigerian despite the practice being illegal? However, below are factors that contribute to high rate of abortion in Nigeria;

Abortion Rate In Nigeria And Why It Keeps On Increasing

  1. Lack Of Sexual Education In Schools

    Angry parent on child
    Angry parent on child

This is the number one culprit to high level of abortion in Nigeria. Both the family and schools have ignored sex education.

Schools have failed to implement sex education in school curriculum and parents too feel less concerned about their children, after all they are being cared for by their teachers.

But such neglect and assumptions are false. If children or teens per se can’t learn about their body parts from you at their early age, then bear in mind that they will learn it from the other hard ways.

Either from already corrupt folks or the internet where there are thousands of pornographic sites to watch and download. When this happens, early sexual debut sets in.

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  1. Early Sexual Debut


Sex is addictive in nature and when a child start having sex at his or her early age, the possibility of him not impregnating a girl before he turns 25 years is slim. And same is applicable to the girl child.

As early sexual debuts set in, the chances of unwanted pregnancy abound. This is the very case here in Nigeria where almost more than 50% girl child has completed abortion once or twice before age 25.

  1. Unplanned Pregnancy

    Teenage pregnancy
    Teenage pregnancy

In a relationship where both the male and the female are still in their secondary school level or tertiary institution, you will agree with me that both have no plan (s) for future occurrence of pregnancy. They are not just ready to bear it.

Therefore, the one and only plan they may think of is abortion. That is why we have high rate of abortions in our higher learning in Nigeria where nobody cares about the consequences later on.

Also, parents at some point do encourage their children to undergo abortion when they got pregnant out of wedlock.

They encourage it either to avoid being mocked by people or to falsely protect both the image of the girl and the entire family as well.

  1. Rape Or Sexual Violence

    Nigerian women holding placard against rape
    Nigerian women holding placard against rape

Recently, a 22-year-old lady, identified as Uwaila Omozuwa, has died at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH), Edo State, after she was beaten and raped inside her local church.

Rape case in Nigeria has becoming worrisome and majority of such incident take place within family members, relatives and friends. Because friends and relatives are involved such cases are not reported rather aborting the resulting pregnancy remains only the way out.

This is majorly the case in the Northern part of the country where parents and the victim are ashamed to speak up.

  1. Poverty

    Father and his children
    Father and his children

The level of poverty in Nigeria is not encouraging at all. Poverty has a lot of negative impact to the society and this fact alone can lead to prostitution, drug abuse and other sexual activities in exchange for money.

Because of poverty and lack of finance, a lot of girls now call themselves “runs girls” of which any pregnancy that results from such activity has no place to stay and must be aborted. And this has been the major issue facing a lot of female adults in the country – poverty.

These and among others I couldn’t discuss have the sole reasons why there high rates of illegal abortions here in Nigeria.

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