6 Health Benefits Of Activated Charcoal You Should Know

Activated charcoal is a refined, odourless black substance. It can be made from other sources apart from wood sources like; coconut shell, sawdust, and peat. It can also be made into different forms, powder or a paste form.

The black appearance of charcoal is an unpleasant sight to a lot of persons. Many individuals view charcoal as just a tool for cooking and the stain effect it leaves after use makes it less appealing for others.

Notwithstanding the unclean features charcoal possesses, the benefits are way beyond what meets the eye. Health researchers have discovered that the components found in charcoal have health benefits and are hygienically beneficial.

In respect to the health benefits, the refined charcoal form known as activated charcoal helps in the detox of the body system. Activated charcoal is processed by thorough heating of charcoal at a high temperature.

This process takes off initially absorbed molecules and frees up binding sites. Activated charcoal is also available in powder form. This is said to serve as a treatment for poisoning and overdosing.

Here are a few of its medical benefits:


Some medical practitioners purpose the use of activated charcoal as a treatment for diarrhoea, given its use as gastrointestinal absorbent.

In a 2017 study, researchers deduced that the use of activated charcoal can help prevent bacteria and drugs that cause diarrhoea in the system by trapping them in its porous, textured surface.

Kidney problems

The kidney needs cleansing from time to time and the properties of activated charcoal are said to be able to help do that. Its components can assist the functioning of the kidney by filtering out undigested drugs and toxins.

It is especially effective at removing toxins found in the byproduct of undigested protein intake derived from the Urea.

Intestinal gas

According to researchers the powder form of activated charcoal can disrupt intestinal gas. The liquid and gasses found in the intestine causes great discomfort and sometimes transcends into abdominal pains.

It easily can be neutralized with the use of activated charcoal. With the use, the liquid and intestine gas can pass through the millions of holes present in activated charcoal which absorbs the liquid and gas and in return give the abdomen a more settled feel.

More so, charcoal serves as good hygiene repellents. They are as follows:


The use of charcoal helps to exfoliate the skin. cosmologists suggest that the properties within activated charcoal help draw microparticles such as dust mites, dirt, bacterias, dead skin cells and various skin toxins that are buried deep, to the surface of the skin.

Which makes removal easier. Facial and body skin scrub can be out of it. It is healthy for the skin.

Skin infections

Activated charcoal made from burnt coconut shells can treat skin reactions and certain skin diseases. Reports show that many traditional medicines used for these purposes are through this means.

The reports mention that activated charcoal possesses antibacterial effects by absorbing microbes from the infected areas on the skin.

Teeth whitening

One major benefit of refined charcoal is the whitening of teeth. Many teeth whitening products are made up of activated charcoal. These products have various benefits such as antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral.

These benefits prevent teeth discolouration, gum inflammation e.t.c. All of which are healthy for the teeth.

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