5 Ways To Keep Coronavirus Away From Infants And Kids -

5 Ways To Keep Coronavirus Away From Infants And Kids

Not a lot is being said about the safety of kids and young ones in the midst of this raging pandemic that the world is trying to contain at the moment.

Thankfully, schools are closed shut as per order of states in the country. But keeping many of them (the kids) away from school is one thing, having them actually protected from the virus is another thing entirely.

Even if a stay-at-home order comes into effect, the safety of these infants, toddlers and kids still falls squarely on adults.

However, what have you done to prevent the kids in your care from coming in contact with the virus? Let’s consider the following;

Make them stay at home

This goes without saying. Now is not exactly the time for play dates, or for being overly active outside the house. If they must go out, it has to be supervised at all times and not for too long.

But preferrably, keep those hyper creatures in the house.

Relax your screen time rules

There won’t be too much to occupy their time if normal rules of screen time remain in place. Since there’s so much time to fill, leaving them to enjoy some more movie time, or video game time does not sound like a bad idea.

No visitors

Everyone is meant to stay at home. While you stay in yours, ensure no one comes to infect you in the house. You can’t be too careful actually.

For infants, control the number of people who can come close

Dealing with infants can be difficult as well as exhausting; and many times as parents, you’d need help from time to time in order to take care of them properly.

Ensure that people [preferably family members and hired help who already live in the house] observe all precautions at all times. Now is not the time to sloppy or to overlook things.

Home surfaces have to be extra clean in this period

Our article here explains why this is extremely important, and just how much time you should be investing into keeping the home clean and safe for everyone’s sake, as well as how to go about all of this.

Actually children’s coronavirus cases are not as severe, but that doesn’t make them less serious, or that you should not take them serious.

CNN reports that although kids seem not to be catching the virus in the same numbers as adults, and even though they are they are not developing severe symptoms, they are able to pass it to adults.

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