5 Universities To Study MBA In Brazil

5 Universities To Study MBA In Brazil? By definition, the Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a general Management degree that teaches business students about things like finances, human resources, marketing, strategy, and operations management.

MBA degrees are different from other Master’s programs because they are taught by great business people and students from diverse backgrounds working together.

Studying abroad for an MBA is also a great way to meet new people and find new business possibilities.

Let’s talk about the best places to get an MBA in Brazil.

  1. FIA Business School: The FIA provides a one-of-a-kind Master of Business Administration (MBA) in International Management that draws students from the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. Only one MBA program concentrates on four of the most vibrant nations in America.
    The program’s main goal is to help professionals in international companies improve strategic leadership. It does this by giving them a challenging academic setting where they can talk about and practice deep management concepts on real-life cases using the economic, cultural, and management models of America and the international arena. The program’s first year is built with classes on Friday and Saturday every two weeks in Brazil. Here, the language of instructions for all the classes is English.
  2. SKEMA School of BusinessThe Ecole Supérieure de Commerce, Lille, and the CERAM Business School, Sophia Antipolis, collaborated in 2009 to form SKEMA. The Lille school opened in 1892, and CERAM did the same in 1963. The school has a group of people who work together to learn, create, and share information and skills in management.
    Since it started, SKEMA has grown into an international school with multiple campuses and a wide range of programs offered in both English and French. These range from the first year of college to continuing education and follow the Bologna standards for higher education (License, Master, Doctorate).
  3. ESPMThe goal of ESPM for an MBA in Marketing is to train managers in marketing and strategy so that they can work in organizations of different sizes and fields. It encourages the development of a view of market trends that lead to good managerial decision-making and the development of managerial attitudes that align with the philosophy of focusing on the market, ethics, and corporate responsibility.
  4. Campos de Andrade University CenterThe MBA course at this university aims to meet the needs of the business management market, which is becoming more competitive and globalized. It does this by allowing professionals to improve their financial management knowledge and study opportunities through theoretical reflection, readings, and case analysis.
  5. Belo Horizonte Higher Education InstituteIt allows the students to work in a globalized and competitive market by giving them a broad view of foreign trade, building specific knowledge, and teaching them practical skills for the job, such as how to import and export, manage foreign exchange operations, and international finance, use customs law correctly to help make decisions, plan the logistics of foreign trade, and create and implement international business plans.

Top foreign business schools that offer MBA degrees will help you become a well-rounded business graduate, not just an expert in one area.

Many MBA programs have a minimum age for applicants or require a certain amount of work experience (usually between 2 and 4 years) to get in.

This is because an MBA helps you get ready for the next big step in your business job.

Reference: www.ceoworld.biz