5 Tips To Use Gyms Safely During COVID-19 Period -

5 Tips To Use Gyms Safely During COVID-19 Period

The sudden closing of gyms moved fitness freaks to work out at home with minuscule or no equipment or relying on online fitness classes.

The lack of gym equipment, motivation of peers and trainers, people have been left in a desolate land depending on existing knowledge without a close check on forms and functions of staying fit using Gyms.

But, now you can gear up to hit gyms room as soon as the restrictions are lifted or as lockdown is been relaxed! Let’s take a look at 5 easy steps to get back on the fitness track while maintaining your safety.

  1. Arrive And Leave At The Allotted Timings

    A lady squating
    A lady squating

Avoid crowing at the gym and meeting more people than required by following the regime set by the gym and sticking to it. Book two slots if your workout plan requires that much time.

If there is a line to enter the gym while people are queuing up for temperature checks, it is better to wait at a distance and give the crowd a little time to disperse. ALSO READ: 5 Important Things You Need To Do Before Hitting The Gym In The Morning Or Evening

  1. Carry Your Own Water Bottle, Exercise Belt And Yoga Mat

    A lady with a workout bag at the gym room
    A lady with a workout bag at the gym room

Avoid drinking from the common water cooler at all costs! Going thirsty will do lesser damage and teach you to always bring your own water than rely on the gym-provided water.

Wear your gym clothes at home rather than depending on changing rooms which are most likely closed to avoid contamination. Avoid as much common equipment like exercise belts, yoga mats and napkins.

  1. Sanitise

The one thing that cannot be emphasized enough is to sanitise every dumbbell, every free weight and every other equipment that you plan to touch as a part of your workout.

Wear gloves that cover your entire hand to avoid having to sanitise often. But, when in doubt, sanitise!

  1. Wear Gloves And Sweatbands

Wearing your own gloves and using sweatbands to wipe away the sweat will ensure that you avoid picking up germs from exercise equipment. Wearing gloves will also stop you from accidentally touching your face to wipe off sweat or scratch an itch because of the texture of the gloves.

Wear sweatbands on your forehead to avoid sweat trickling down your face and have on your arm covered to avoid touching your face.

  1. Avoid Going To The Gym If You Feel Unwell

    An African lady feeling sick
    An African lady feeling sick

This holds true especially now during such dire times to avoid exposing yourself to unwanted germs because your resistance level is shaky and weak.

Contact your family doctor or healthcare worker immediately.


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