5 Things In Your Car You Definitely Need To Disinfect Now

In this lockdown, the one thing we have been ignoring the most is our car. We don’t really find ourselves in need of them instead of the times we need to step out to buy groceries.

We love to take care of our cars on a day to day basis. It is important that we do that now as well. In this time of the coronavirus pandemic it is also important to disinfect and sanitize your car.

You might be giving your car a complete wash, however, there are some parts of the car that need more attention than the others. And here are few of them;


It is obviously the most touched part of the car. Every time you step in and out of the car. Therefore, it becomes doubly important to wipe them down. Take extra time to wipe down the handles of the door, both inside and out.

The steering wheel and gear

The most obvious and oft touched parts of the car, the steering wheel and gear lever need to be disinfected on a regular basis. Make sure you clean the entire steering wheel including the center hub.

It is also advisable to wipe the instrument pane. Also make sure you wipe the gear lever thoroughly, from top to bottom and also, be sides.

The dash

Even though you do not touch the switches on your dash that often, they too need to be wiped down. Your light switches, the air conditioning system all need to be wiped down.

It becomes all the more important to do so as the dash is mostly made out of plastic, and the virus is believed to stay on plastic longer than most other surfaces.How To Clean Your Home And How Often You Need To Do So During This Pandemic

Touchscreens and radio systems

Touchscreens are fingerprint magnets and cannot be left uncleaned. The simple rule is if you touch something, you need to disinfect it. If not a touchscreen, you have a normal radio system. Wipe it as well.


Just to be safe, you should disinfect your seats as well. If you are travelling with a passenger, make sure you make them sit diagonally to you to help maintain the rules of social distancing.

Clean the door, seat and back of the front seat from where your co-passenger was sitting. Also, it is better that you keep the groceries you buy in the boot and not in the cabin of the car. And do not forget to disinfect where the groceries were kept.

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