5 Interesting Things Which Happen To Your Body During Sex You Should Know -

5 Interesting Things Which Happen To Your Body During Sex You Should Know

The three-letter word that can send the blood rushing to your head is much more than just a simple act of love. Yes, you guessed it right we are talking about nothing else but SEX.

It is something we all enjoy (or at least want to). But what many people don’t understand is that sex is not something that is only all about stimulation. It has an effect not only on your genitals but the whole body.

Scientists and experts have tried for long to understand and improve the act of love making and its outcomes. Some of them are lubrication, expansion of your vagina, the release of happy hormones in your body and so on. But it’s actually so much more than that.

Your body goes through a whole range of changes during sex and some of them are beneficial for your health as well. Take a look at 5 interesting things which happen to your body during and after sex.

Your immune system gets better

Sex helps your body in producing lymphocytes, which are a key part of the process of fighting off infection. It also increases immunoglobulin antibody levels, which help your body ward off viruses, bacteria and other invasive microbes.

In short, your immune system gets a boost when you have sex regularly.

Your skin gets a glow

The increase in blood flow during sex removes toxins and you also get more oxygen in the body. This helps your skin look younger, softer and brighter.

It helps in fading away age spots and prevents the sagging of skin by boosting collagen production. In fact, sex is great for those who’re suffering from a chronic acne problem.

Increases your pain tolerance

During sex, your body’s ability to tolerate pain increases drastically, especially in women. As women approach orgasm, their pain threshold rises almost 100 per cent more. This happens because the areas of your brain which manage pain become highly active during sex.

Sense of smell gets better

When you hit orgasm, one of the many things which are released into your brain is prolactin. Prolactin has a number of effects, like supporting the immune system and making you feel good.

But one of the weird things that this chemical does is that it totally opens up the part of the brain that interprets smells.

Relief from headache

According to studies, it is proved that regular sex is good for health. This is especially true for women who’re suffering from migraines and cluster headaches.

The main reason for this is that, when you reach orgasm, the level of the hormone oxytocin increases by five times, which helps in reducing headaches.


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