5 Important Tips To Avoid Lack Of Sleep, And Sleep Better During This Lockdown Period

Some part of Nigeria and many other countries went into lockdown for some weeks to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus. Various companies and Govt. parastatals had already initiated work from home practices for their employees, keeping in view their safety.

Since late March, people have been following the lockdown, and violators have been punished by the local police in some innovative ways.

However, the lockdown has really had an impact on all of our lives. While some of us are worried about weight gain as we sit at home and resort to stress and emotional eating, others are troubled by their sleep schedule. With nothing to do and nowhere to go, mid-day naps have become common.

Staying up at night, talking to our friends has also become a way to pass time. All of this and many other reasons have led to a poor sleep schedule. A poor sleep cycle can however, affect your mental and physical health. It can trigger anxiety and depression, and may also have an impact on your immunity.

Therefore, you must ensure that you get at least 7-8 hours of sound, healthy sleep, at the right time. Here are some tips to make that happen –

Follow a routine

While the monotony may get to you, following a routine can really help you get through the lockdown conveniently, and also sleep better. Even if you are not working, or do not have anything major to do during the day, make sure you follow a routine.

Making food, eating, watching TV, gardening, reading, exercise, etc are some of the activities you can include, and make a routine for yourself. Dedicate time to each of these activities, and dedicate a specific time to sleep as well.

Early to bed, and early to rise

Try to wake up early, and not sleep in till late, even when you do not have to go anywhere. When you wake up early, you have all your meals at the right time, which helps reduce health issues. When you wake up early, you are also likely to sleep early.

If you wake up very late currently, try to wake up 15 minutes or half an hour early, every day. Over a week, you will start waking up hours early from the time you wake up now.

Eat healthily

The food you eat has a significant impact on your sleep. Avoid caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee after 5-6 pm, as they may keep you up till late. Eat a light dinner, and do not stay up till late so that you feel hungry again and have to resort to a midnight snack.


Exercises like yoga, and other cardio exercises help in improving sleep quality. Incorporate some of the other exercise forms in your routine to ensure you stay healthy, and sleep better.


While spending some time with nature is one of the best ways to increase mindfulness, we cannot go out except sit in our balconies for some quality time with birds, winds and trees.

However, you can still meditate indoors, and find inner peace. Meditation has shown good results when it comes to reducing insomnia and helping people fall asleep faster.

Stay safe, Together We Will Defeat This Pandemic…..

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