5 Important Items Singles Should Have With Them For Healthy Living -

5 Important Items Singles Should Have With Them For Healthy Living

If I may ask; are there items singles should have with them in order to improve or encourage a healthy living? Actually, leading a healthy life doesn’t need to be complicated especially for singles.

However, there are some lifestyles that have been impacting negatively to our daily lives and most of them can be handled by simply adopting or incorporating healthy practices and dashing out harmful ones.

Adopting good lifestyle especially when single has a lot of long-time benefits. It can help you maintain and enjoy healthy living, encourage others around you to practice same, and such lifestyle can also be translated to your family when finally married thereby leading to healthy and  happy generation.

Without much ado, let us consider 5 common but important items single guys and ladies should have with them.



Hey, I’m not indirectly encouraging sexual practices among singles but take a second look at it from the other health dimension.

High percentage of singles in the societies today, in one way or the other, involves themselves in sexual activity either at least once in a month or more.

It’s well understood that unprotected sexual activities are the means people contract sexually transmitted diseases.

It’s also obvious that many singles may expose themselves to all these infections without even knowing that they have contracted such from their partner.ALSO READ:Reasons Why Ladies Tighten Their Vagina Before Marriage

Hence the need to have condom with you either in your wallet, bag or keep it safe at home in case of emergency and stay at the safer side.

Condoms are one of the most commonly used methods of contraception today.


Contraceptive methods help to prevent pregnancies. This means using condoms is essentially a means of birth control.

However, while birth control may be the primary purpose, condom is also able to provide other benefits to the user.

One such advantage is protection from sexually transmitted infections or STIs like earlier mentioned.


An African lady feeling sick
An African lady feeling sick

Imagine going out for work or business by 7:00 AM in the morning and returning back around 8:00AM-9:00PM at night. Or you work from home as an individual and combines daily work, house chores with personal work.

Most times, you may experience headache because of the stress and tolls on your body system.

However, for you not to break down totally and no one to help you run around, having paracetamol with you at the very moment may be helpful.

Paracetamol is used to treat mild to moderate pain, headache and other benefits include reducing fever and the symptomatic relief of colds.

You can get one sachet from the pharmacy or any drug shop near you.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C
Vitamin C

With the Coronavirus pandemic here, there’s need for one to improve or boost his or her immune system. One way you can achieve this is by taking Vitamin C (most preferably, the white vitamin c).

Vitamin C is one of the safest and most effective nutrients, experts say. It may not be the cure for the common cold (though it’s thought to help prevent more serious complications).

But the benefits of vitamin C may include protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, and even skin wrinkling.

It is also thought that vitamin C may increase the healing of burns, ulcers, fractures, and other wounds.

You can buy it from any drug shop near you, keep it at home or within bag/pocket.

Menstrual Pads


I had a female friend that finds it difficult to come out or walk around when she is experiencing her period.


Her period is so heavy that she needs to stay intact in order to avoid embarrassing herself in the public.

So why is it important to have quality menstrual pads with you as a lady?

Menstrual pads will help you curtail bleeding and are very easy to use.

They are also discreet and disposable, making them ideal for females who are working to go out and change at an interval of time (in case of heavy bleeding).

Pads stay outside the body so they are safe to wear overnight, carrying no risk of toxic shock syndrome.

Menstrual pads are also reliable, inexpensive, and highly accessible.

It also helps you to maintain good personal hygiene.

Know Your Health Status

Doctor advising young lady
Doctor advising young lady

There is this common saying that “All that glitters are not really gold.”

For many people, knowing the status of their health only becomes important when they begin to lose it or an issue arises.

And while the advice of medical professionals and organizations may differ on how frequently you should get a thorough medical check-up, the consensus is clear that it’s a MUST you visit a hospital even before a serious health condition arises.

Aside from getting ahead of any potential disease conditions, knowing the status of your health can also be beneficial to other aspects of your life such as your finances, your future plans, marriage and also your relationship too.

Schedule an appointment with your DOCTOR today and begin to reap the rewards of knowing your health and also find ways to iron out any underlying health issues.

I’m Oduigwe Chidera Dok, a lover of wellness…sHARE..







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