5 Habits That Are Making You Gain Unnecessary Weight

Your habits can really make or break the person you are, not just in terms of your personality or physical appearance, but also in terms of your health such as unnecessary weight.

With obesity being one of the most common health concerns for people all around the world, and with the risks associated with the condition, it becomes very important to watch out for habits that make you gain unnecessary weight.

While weight loss is about your diet and exercise routine, there are little things that can go a long way in accelerating the process, and there are many such little things that can also mess up the whole process.

Here are 5 habits that you must watch out for, because if you have them, you are likely to gain unnecessary weight or kilos.

Eating A Few, Large Meals In A Day:

One of the most common things that you will hear people who gain weight say is that they do not even eat a lot. At the end of the day, your weight gain is not determined by how much you eat, but by what you eat, and how frequently you do so.

Eating smaller, healthy meals that are spread during the whole day is more important and effective that eating fewer, but fuller meals.


Another habit that is a byproduct of the first habit is overeating. When you do not eat frequent meals, you tend to feel hungrier at the few meal times that you have, which leads to overeating and can cause weight gain.

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Too Much Sugar

While a lot of us know that sugar has a negative impact on our weight, you would be surprised to know the effect just cutting down on your sugar consumption can have on your weight, especially if you are trying to lose belly fat.

A Sedentary Lifestyle

While you may not be the one to blame for this entirely, especially during this time when stepping out of your house is also not recommended, you must understand that a sedentary lifestyle can kill you, slowly.

Incorporating some sort of exercise, even if it is a home workout is very important, or it can lead to unintentional weight gain over a period of time.


Stress can be a reason for weight gain, and not a lot of people are aware of that. Stress can cause you to binge eat, eat a lot of sugary or processed food that you assume to be “comfort food” which can cause you to put on a few extra kilos.

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