5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Easter At Home -

5 Fun Ways To Celebrate Easter At Home

Just because we are observing the stay-at-home order doesn’t mean that all of life’s little joys should stop as well. For many Christians world over, the 2020 Easter celebrations will look very different this year as it will be celebrated differently.

This is because church services will be held virtually, no unceremonious visits to recreation centres, and unfortunately, no celebratory meals with extended family and friends.

This is the sad reality, no thanks to the coronavirus pandemic ravaging the world at this time which has led to observing various restrictions on movement, including stay-at-home orders and self-isolation.

However, below are 5 fun ways you can adopt to celebrate this Easter at home without getting bored despite the uncertainties around us.

Dress up

Despite the lockdown, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you choose to decorate your home for the Easter celebration. It is a thing of the mind and once your mind is in tune with the celebration, then you are good to go as nothing truly makes a festive occasion than dressing up for the part.

So, check your closet for your finest, dress the kids up and sit down to feast with the family. You bet the memories won’t be forgotten in a hurry.

Live-stream your Easter service

This Easter holiday will be a great time for family movie time, don’t you think so? For the maximum Easter feeling at this time, we would advise an Easter-themed or bunny rabbit movies like Peter Rabbit.

At loss for where to get such movies? Netflix, Prime Video and Disney channels to the rescue! Trust us when we say there are many family movies online perfect for the occasion.

Bake homemade treats

So many beautiful memories are shared especially during the festive season when you have to be with your mum or grandmum in the kitchen, helping out with the family meals. Since we are celebrating this Easter with kids at home (unlike previous years when Easter celebrations were most likely visitations or fun times at recreational centres), we can spice things up by making little treats for the kids.

The treats would obviously have them actively involved in the preparation process. You can look up the internet for ways to make amazing jellies, cookies etc.

Virtual feast with family/friends

Despite the lockdown, your family and friends should not be deprived of sharing this wonderful moment with you. As much as we are miles away from our families and also observing social distancing, they can still be a part of our traditional Easter feast.

Many thanks to social media apps with video call functions and other apps such as Zoom and Google Hangouts, we can all be a little bit closer to share our lives’ big moments. You can agree to a time that will be convenient for you all to participate in the call, once that is done, set your table and bring your family members and friends to dine with you virtually.

Just hearing a voice or three can bring that bit of cheer needed for festive occasions. Also, for those who are not internet savvy or unable to join, do not leave them out as all you have to do is make a phone call and send words of hope, encouragement, prayers of health and well-being.

Remember to stay safe, stay fit and be alive

Happy Easter to you all



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