5 Benefits Of The COVID-19 Lockdown You Should Know By Now

It’s been almost four weeks since the first lockdown was passed in Nigeria. We’ve grown from anxiety, uncertainty, and then to finally accepting the situation for what it is; part of life.

However, it seems that while the outbreak of the virus and subsequently, the lockdown has truthfully disrupted and hindered a lot of progress globally, we’ve mostly represented the situation from a negative end. Doom messages flood our screens from every corner, especially from the social media.

News headlines, articles, ads, and even social media content constantly remind us of the dark sides of the present global situation.

However, despite the various disadvantages, the Coronavirus has brought some good with it and you agree that this is true. Without wasting more time, here are some of the ways the COVID-19 has been a blessing to us;8 Effective Ways To Maintain Your Weight During The Lockdown You Should Know

The Environment Is Doing Much Better

Since the lockdown, major countries and cities around the globe such as; Italy, Beijing, and France, have reported decreases in the level of environmental pollution as well as toxic nitrogen dioxide concentrations.

Also, factors such as gas emissions from vehicles, and industries have drastically reduced due to the major restrictions on movement.

In addition to this, the rate of noise pollution [a huge problem in Lagos State for instance], has drastically reduced as heavy vehicles, cars, buses, and road users, have been off the roads.

We Are Spending More Time With Loved Ones

Notice how your relationships have generally taken a better turn? You now connect to your friends and loved ones more often than before. The rates of phone calls, text messages, video calls, and even face-to-face conversations, have increased among people.

In fact, not only has the lockdown helped us connect with friends and loved ones, but it has also presented us with eye-opening proof of friendships which need to be done with.

We’re Eating Healthier

With the Rona affecting the popular demand on food businesses, more people are eating home-made food. This means that more people are eating healthier, more wholesome meals compared to before the breakout of the virus.

Not only is this new development healthier, but our eating habits must have been improved too.

We’re Discovering New Things About Ourselves

Being in isolation or lockdown is also advantageous to our self-discovery as we tend to introspect more often [with more time on our hands].

Some of us are beginning to look deep into our lives. This means that we’re getting to know ourselves more, build ourselves up, and working towards being better versions of ourselves.

We’re Working Smarter

Many organization and business owners are realizing that it’s time to review their organizational structure. They’re beginning to improve on their organizational structure.

For instance, after realizing that employees can work effectively from home, some organizations may begin to review their work culture by introducing or incorporating better ways of working structure such as; periodic remote working to their employees.

If you are somehow skeptical  about the tips mentioned above, kindly drop you opinion. Remember, your opinion counts……..



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