Pregnant Women Advised To Stay Home For 3 Months Amid Coronavirus Outbreak -

Pregnant Women Advised To Stay Home For 3 Months Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Different precautions are being put in place to ensure people are not affected by the virus Covid-19. Pregnant women in the U.K. are being advised to stay home for 3 months starting from this weekend to prevent being infected by the pandemic.

Pregnant women are among the people susceptible to being infected by Coronavirus. Officials said the measure was ‘for precaution’ because it is too early to say whether COVID-19 poses a significant threat to expectant mothers.

Generally, pregnant women are more likely to catch an infection than women who are not pregnant.

However, some pregnant women are scared they might pass the virus to their babies if infected. England’s chief doctor has allayed this fear by saying that he does not think pregnant women should start worrying about passing coronavirus to their babies.

There is currently no clinical evidence to suggest that the virus can be transmitted via the womb or through breast milk.

The advice about avoiding all social contact is particularly important for people over 70, for pregnant women and for those with some health conditions. This is not to say others are also not expected to keep their social distance.

Since the virus started, experts have been trying to find solutions to this issue. Experts say the international community is concerned about the virus because so little is known about it and it appears to be spreading quickly.

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