4 Parenting Tips Nigerian Parents Should Learn From Japanese Parents -

4 Parenting Tips Nigerian Parents Should Learn From Japanese Parents

Parenting requires patience, effort, and sleepless nights (you as a mother or father can testify that). Yes, it is not an easy task at all. There are times when you may feel like giving up on your child but he is your responsibility and that’s why it is your work to show your kid the right path.

There will be lots of ups and downs in the journey but you need to keep going. Raising a happy, healthy, and intelligent child is nothing less than an art. And, you can master it by learning some parenting lessons from Japanese parents.

Their ways of dealing with kids and parenting are too different than any other parts of the world. Here are 4 things that you can learn from them when it comes to raising your child.

Japanese children are taught equality

In Japan, children clean their classrooms no matter which family they belong to. In this country, rich and poor children attend the same school and study together without any differences in mind.

They are taught the values of living together in a society during their budding years

Too much focus is given on maternal upbringing

In Japan, a kid cannot be sent to kindergarten before the age of 3. Japanese follow a rule that states that parents, especially a mother should spend most of her time with her child during the initial years of his development.

This is important as it gives a positive environment to the child and that reduces his risk of developing any learning or psychological disorders later in life.

A child’s emotional well-being is given importance

Japanese parents understand that emotional well-being of a child is as significant as his physical well-being. Scolding a kid and making him realise his mistake is important but that should not be done in a harsh manner as that may affect the child’s mental health.

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Japanese parents do not believe in praising kids publicly

In Japan, you won’t see a parent showing affection or praising his/her child publicly. They teach their kids to be independent and not to expect or rely on praise or words of encouragement to grow in life.

Honestly, this is a very big lesson Nigerian parents and others have to incorporate into their various families for better upbringing, and healthy well-being of their children and the society at large.

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