3 Things That Will Differentiate You From Others This Year 2021

3 things that will differentiate you from others this year 2021? I know that a lot of us have set smart goals this very year 2021.

Yes that’s fine as there’s nothing wrong in setting out some goals that will guide you for the whole year.

Remember, that your goals shouldn’t be mere words rather your goals should be Simple, Measurable, Achievable, Reachable and True.

Every single new year we are likely to say to ourselves; “I’ll do this and I’ll avoid that” but what actually happens to it after some months?

They seem to fade away from us because we don’t have concrete foundation to sustain it for the whole year.

Well, this year 2021 is another wonderful and amazing year before us. If you couldn’t achieve that heart desire last year, then this very year is another opportunity to execute that.

However, to execute that desire or dream, you have to bear in mind that you’re not the only one planning to achieve one thing or the other this very year 2021.

People in your family want to make a change in order to be at that echelon state like you want as well. Same applies to friends, relatives and others around you.

Then what will make you to stand out from the rest? Is it by writing it down? By putting it in practice? By repeating it every day?

Are there crucial things that will differentiate you from others this year 2021? As for me, Oduigwe Chidera Dok, yes! There are three important factors that will make you to stand out.

  1. You Must Be Spiritually Solid: If I may ask; are you aware of that thing that will happen the next hour?

Go and ask people that are on top of their game, though most of them may not tell you, but they make sure that their spiritual life is intact.

Either black or white, they are spiritually alert and that is why if you be with them, something may happen to you but not them.

They are always conscious over their spiritual wellbeing. They try as much as they can to be spiritually solid in order to overcome.

Remember, spiritual things MUST ALWAYS be ahead of the physical. Hence, if you want to go-get-am this year be solid spiritually.

  1. Be Physically Fit: There is a principle that summarise this world to be “survival of the fittest.” My dear that is just the simple truth.

Consider politicians for instance, should I go ahead to discuss about them? Of course you all know the rule of the game to that throne. I’m not advising you to kill in order to get there, but you must be ready to face the challenges before you.

This year 2021, be ready for that challenge. Be ready for that obstacle. Be ready for that resistance. Make sure you grab that opportunity whenever it comes around.

Be fit so that you can overcome those shackles that lie on your way to greatness.

  1. Manage Your Finance Wisely: When you don’t have any money with you, by then you will definitely know the value of N1 (One Naira).

I didn’t say you should be stingy, but spend according to your income. If your income happens to be N20,000, should you spend it all within the next month?

Pay serious attention to your SOURCE OF INCOME. Many businesses collapsed last year partly because of Covid-19 pandemic and partly because of improper financial management.

Remember that the society is now selective. Honestly, there is no gainsaying.

If you don’t have money, then hide yourself because you are not relevant to the society.

Therefore, for you not to lose your relevance in the society, then manage your finance wisely this year 2021.

Also, a lot of things lie ahead and no one knows the real package but our earnest prayer is that it will be for our good.

Remember, God No Go Shame Us this Year 2021 and if you believe, then share with friends your friends……

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