3 Simple Ways To Trust Again When You’ve Been Burned Or Hurt

Probably you’ve been betrayed and hurt by a best friend, your father, boss, and a loved one. I know from personal experience that when someone breaks trust, it hurts. Perhaps it hurts more than most things because you believe that person to be someone that would never hurt you. But then they do.

However, what do you do with that hurt? And can you trust them again? Or trust anyone, for that matter? Actually, learning to trust again is a long and difficult road in many cases. But it is possible; and if that’s what you would like, here are a few things to consider on the journey:

  1. The offending person shows remorse and commits to a relationship that will foster trust again. This could be the spouse who struggles with porn entrusting to their loved one all electronics, accountability on their devices, and choosing to seek help.

This might require a difficult conversation with a family member and boundaries established so you don’t feel taken advantage of again.

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Whatever that looks like, the two of you commit to a journey that will establish trust again. This will likely require some long and hard conversations, but they’re conversations worth having.

  1. You must forgive and this must happen regardless. But one thing I’ve found in my own journey is that I’ve had to forgive more than once.

Most likely, you will forgive and then those memories will come back, along with the emotions, and you’ll find yourself struggling again. Which means, forgive again. Forgive as often as you need to—as often as you feel those emotions rising up to steal reconciliation.

  1. Be patient, kind, and realistic. Sometimes the hurt in us wants to see the person pay. We may want, perhaps, for the journey to be a little harder on them than it has to be. But be kind, will you?

I know it’s hard, but this is where you can truly be a reflection of Jesus. I don’t mean allow yourself to be walked on again. But don’t use the opportunity as a chance to get back at the person with unrealistic expectations and cutting remarks. Show kindness, be patient with both of you as you find healing, and understand that it may take a while to establish trust again.

I’m sorry for the hurt you’ve experienced; it’s painful to be on the receiving end of betrayal. But if you genuinely care about finding a way to reconciliation, then know that trust is possible again with someone who has hurt you.

I’ve watched God restore broken relationships to a place even more beautiful than what was there prior to the hurt. That’s the God we serve; He is able to take what is broken and restore it to an even more beautiful glory. He can do that in your relationship if you’d like Him to.

Entrust the process to Him—He is the only one you can always fully trust with your heart!

Proverbs 3:5-6, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make straight your paths.”

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