3 Effective Ways To Maintain A Positive Mental Health Despite Coronavirus Pandemic -

3 Effective Ways To Maintain A Positive Mental Health Despite Coronavirus Pandemic

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the world, it is important that we are mindful of the kind of information we digest and how it can affect our mental health.

The media is filled with loads of information right now, both positive and negative. Everyone is quick to disseminate information without conducting a thorough search.

This overload of information can start to affect peoples’ mental health, anxiety starts to kick in.

So for the sake of our mental health, we can always engage in activities or techniques that can help the mind think positively which will be of great benefit to our mental health.

Here is a list of activities to help you this period:

Stress management strategies

Everyone is probably getting stressed out at this point and one way to keep your mental health in check is to engage in some stress management strategies or techniques such as taking a break on alcohol and drugs, play games with your kids, take a walk in your compound, exercise regularly and also engage in yoga.

Have a routine and stick to it

Having a daily routine is important to your health because it helps you to be more focused, develop a form of self-discipline and also helps you to develop a better time management skill.

The little things as daily water consumption or having a bedtime schedule or even having a facial routine and so on can help your mental health in this period.

Get rid of boredom

Staying indoors can be somewhat boring, to be honest. It is important to always stay busy and occupied so as not to give room for negative thoughts or negative mindsets. You can watch a movie, read a book, learn a cooking recipe or even start a YouTube channel.


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