10 Worst Feelings You Must Know According To Tiwa Savage

Worst feelings you must know according to Tiwa Savage? Popular singer and Nigeria’s queen of pop, Tiwa Savage has been in the eye of the storm for sometimes now over a leaked sex video with her boyfriend.

The singer had told  American OAP, Angie Martinez of Power 105.1, in an interview that someone wanted to blackmail her by getting her sex video out on social media if she refused to pay some money.

She said the blackmailer had threatened to release the video by the midnight of October 7, 2021 if money was not paid, but that she was determined not to pay any money to a blackmailer.

However, Tiwa Savage further revealed how the video came into existence.

She said, “It is not from some working closely with me. What happened is that the person did it on snap and he posted it by accident but he quickly deleted it, however, someone got it before he could delete it.

It is a very short video but it is me. It is going to be out there and I can just imagine the memes. I just found out yesterday. I could not sleep last night.”

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True to the blackmailer’s threat, the sex video hit social media and went viral last Monday.

Several celebrities stood in defense of Savage but the shame cannot be wiped off in a hurry.

But why will Savage allowed herself to be videoed by a so-called boyfriend? What is the aim of such debilitating act? In the name of love?

However, the singer, Tiwa Savage has listed 10 worst feelings she wants all her fans and others to know some months back, and below are Tiwa Savage’s list of 10 worst feelings;

  1. Cheated on. What about it, knowing too well that her sex video leaked few weeks ago?
  2. Over thinking.
  3. Lied to.
  4. Heart broken.
  5. Not cared for.
  6. Losing.
  7. Scared.
  8. Assuming.
  9. Nervous.
  10. Letting go.

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