10 Most Googled Health Questions In 2019 -

10 Most Googled Health Questions In 2019

Everyone has something bothering them and most often, we turn to google for help. Questions asked by people do not necessarily suggest the kind of person they are, rather, it is more about what piques their interest.

Nevertheless, Google searches can offer a sense of what many people may be curious about or have on their minds. Therefore, taking a peek at the following 10 most Googled health-related questions of 2019 can give a look into the health questions of interest over this past year. These questions centre on health and below are some of them according to Forbes:

  • How to lower blood pressure?
  • What is Keto?
  • How to get rid of hiccups?
  • How long does the flu last?
  • What causes hiccups?
  • What causes kidney stones?
  • What is HPV?
  • How to lower cholesterol?
  • How many calories should I eat a day?
  • How long does alcohol stay in your system?

These questions are interesting, however, it is safe to know that it is better to see your doctor when you have health issues bothering your mind unless you are reading it for fun.


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