10 Funny Superstitious Beliefs Every Nigerian Has Heard

Many Nigerians grew up hearing about these superstitions, which grew out of fear of the unknown. There are more than a hundred superstitions we heard from friends and family, growing up. Of course you know I’m not exaggerating!

However, superstition is a belief in supernatural causality that can be linked to a fear of the unknown. When one event causes another without any natural process linking the two events, it is definitely a superstition.

Here is a list of 10 pretty interesting superstitions chosen based on how ridiculous and common they are:

Itchy Palms

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Itchy palms are said to be a sign of good luck — it could also mean a large amount of money is coming your way.

Crossing legs

It is said that if you cross over a pregnant woman’s legs, you will give birth to a child that looks like the person. Another version is that you shouldn’t let anyone cross over your legs, if not you will give birth to a child with one arm or leg.

Seeing ghosts

The common warning is not to bend over to peer through between your legs, especially in crowded places like markets. One is bound to see ghosts (Ndi mmuo, in Igbo land) and witches that way.


If you have a sore throat, it is probably because you spit on the floor and someone stepped on it. Same is applicable when someone matched on your urine, you are likely to experience pain when urinating.

Eating in the dark

This is forbidden. It is believed that if you eat in the dark, you could be giving room to the dead to eat with you and this could lead to your death or grave ailments.

Eating from the ground

It is believed that when your food falls to ground, you should not pick it as the devil has eaten it. Food on the ground is meant for the devil (the gods of the land) to eat.

Whistling at night

Whistling at night is believed to attract evil spirits and snakes.

Answering a call

If you hear your name and answer to it without seeing the person that called, you have just answered a ghost’s call. And some cases, your parents or siblings have to call you back (for you to answer them) in order to break that unknown call you answered before.

Sleeping face up

It is believed that sleeping face up is the best position for spirits to have access to your body and soul.


It is believed that a sneeze means someone is calling your name somewhere.

Nwanne (my brother or sister), I hope you are aware of these?

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